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We are pleased to announce that EMC  and Data Science London have agreed the money prize sponsorships of the 1st Data Science Global Hackathon as follows:

1st Prize Global Winner – EMC Data Science Global Hackathon – GBP 1,800 ( USD 2,850)
1st Prize London Winner – EMC Data Science London Hackathon- GBP 1,200 (USD 1,900)

Participants in London will be entitled to win both the global and London prizes.

Remote participants and participants in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Melbourne, Canberra, Berlin and Turku will be entitled to win the global prize only.

The competition will be managed by the Kaggle platform.

We are confident that this sponsorship from EMC will help our Data Science London community in its mission to disseminate data science knowledge around the world.

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