212 Data Scientists in 10 Cities Around the World Participated in this Hackful Event. 24 Hours of Non-Stop, Fun Data Science Competition. The World's First Data Science Hackathon.

Data Science Global Hackathon, 28-29/04/12 launched by @ds_ldn datasciencelondon.org

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Are you a Smart Data Scientist?

Participate in Data Science London Hackathon!

Probably this will be the 1st Data Science Hackahton of its kind in the world.

The aim of the hackathon is to promote Data Science and show the world what is possible today combining Data Science with Open Source, Hadoop, Machine Learning, and Data Mining tools.

In addition, the event’s aim is also to promote the sense of community, team work, and free spirit competition for the sake of Data Science.

The Hackathon will run during 24 hours. The hackathon will start at 1pm London Apr 28 and will end at 1pm London Apr 29. All other Data Science Hackathons around the world will start & end at the same time than London venue.

ONSITE PARTICIPANTS at LONDON VENUE: Upon arrival to the venue you will need to register at the reception desk. Onsite registration at the venue ends at 11 am London. ONSITE participants registration here: Data Science Hackathon attending London venuePlease note: Onsite participants will be entitled to more and bigger prizes than remote participants.

REMOTE participants: see FAQs

Checkout Big Data Week to see the calendar of Data Science Hackathons around the world

Data Scientists, data geeks, and hackers will self organize around teams with 3-5 members each team.

The contestants will spend 24 hours in the venue. Food, drinks, and chilling out area will be provided.

The teams will compete to win the competition prizes.

The contestants will be presented with a large big data set.

In order to win prizes, the teams will have to use data science tools and develop an analytical model that will solve a specific data science problem specified by the judging tech panel.  You can bring your own tools.

The contestants will have to report their achievements at specific milestones, and a leader board will be published online at each milestone.

Data Scientist from Data Science London, Hadoop UK, and Kaggle will provide support to contestants.

The winning team will be named “DSL12- Data Science Hackathon Winner”

The judging panel will formed by members of EMC,  Kaggle, Data Science London, and Hadoop UK

The Winning Team will receive prizes from the sponsors of the event.

For more information contact   info   at  datasciencehackathon  com


REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND THE LONDON VENUE>>>>>> DSL12- Data Science London Hackathon!


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REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND THE LONDON VENUE>>>>>> DSL12- Data Science London Hackathon!