212 Data Scientists in 10 Cities Around the World Participated in this Hackful Event. 24 Hours of Non-Stop, Fun Data Science Competition. The World's First Data Science Hackathon.


Q. Where will the hackathon occur?

A. The dataset will be available for simultaneous download through the Kaggle platform, along with a description of the problem to be solved.

If you would like to participate ONSITE  and physically attend the Data Science London hackathon, register here: http://www.meetup.com/Data-Science-London/events/55493252/ (only for London participants). If you are located in other city, you can participate in in one of the following local data science hackathons: NYC, Chicago, SF&Bay, Melbourne, and Canberra, please visit this link http://www.datathon.us/index

If you would like to participate REMOTELY in the Global Data Science Hackathon, please click here http://dsghackathon.eventbrite.com/  You can only participate either remotely or attending a data science hackathon physically at any of the cities listed above. You cannot participate remotely and attend a local hackathon at the same time.

Q. When will the hackathon occur?

A. The contest will start at 1pm London Apr 28 to 1pm London Apr 29 (UTC + 1). It will occur simultaneously in all time zones, so set your alarm clocks accordingly.

Q. How do I host a simultaneous event in my city?

A. All you need is a community of data scientists, a 24-hour venue and an Internet connection. Let us know about your event by sending an email to admin@datascienceglobal.org or Big Data Week. Then spread the word within your local datascience community. We’ll provide the dataset, leaderboard, support with promotional materials, global coordination, and audio-visual integration between venues.

In London and San Francisco, we’ve formed meetup groups to manage registration for the event e.g. http://www.meetup.com/Data-Science-Global-San-Francisco/

Q. Do we need corporate sponsorship?

A. Not necessarily. We’ll take care of the hackathon itself. If you have a data-savvy sponsor who is willing to provide a venue or venue-specific prizes, then go for it. They just need to understand that this is an event by data hackers, for data hackers, not a tradeshow where they can pitch their product.

Q. How do I win?

A. The realtime leaderboard will show where everyone ranks. The Global prizes will be open to all participants. Individual venues may also sponsor prizes for their particular site. Please visit this link to see Global and Local prizes.

Q. How can we connect with venues in other cities?

A. The goal is to have a live video interface between the hub in London and all other registered venues. There will be short broadcast breaks during the 24 hours to share speakers, lighting talks, panel discussions, and any other events you want to organize around the hackathon.

Q. What tools can we use?

A. Anything you want. Participants being their laptops, any computing infrastructure provided by the venue is strictly optional.

Q. Can we work in teams?

A. Yes, there will be an open window during the beginning of the competition during which teams can be formed.

Q. Where can I get more information?

A. Information on the Data Science London, who started the event, is available at http://datasciencehackathon.com/hello-world/ Please visit our Data Science Global community site http://datascienceglobal.org/